who invented school

Who Invented School?

If you were wondering what bone-headed moron came up with the concept of torturing young children for twelve years and introducing them to subjects they have no interest in, I’m right up there with you. We are going to explore who invented school, whether we need it or not, and why it becomes the subject of nightmares in our adult lives.

School was invented to prepare people for factory work. Proof of this are school bells. The bells are to signify the start and end of a class in the same way factories had bells or whistles to signal the start or end of a shift. Of course in a factory there may be loud machinery where a bell or steam whistle would be necessary to signal a lot of people. In schools, however, this type of logic doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So when you ask yourself “who invented school?” remember that it was probably a well-meaning way to educate future employees by industrial industries. Unfortunately it may have transitioned into a brainwashing process to be lead to failure.

When thinking about who invented school and why, we can now see that school is a trap. Rather than be educated about economics and the best way to financially free, we are taught that if we do good grades, we will be able to college and find a good job. Or in other words, people are trained from the start to enter the life-long corporate rat-wheel of misery. The whole “work hard and you will be rewarded” school mentality is a lie because it is directed in the wrong direction. All you learn to do is prepare for a life of staying on the bottom of the totem pole.

Do we even need school? In John Gatto‘s classic book Dumbing Us Down he argues that it’s mostly unnecessary. He explores not just who invented school, but why it is even needed at all during modern times. As a former teacher he was able to see firsthand that he was not propelling any students into a positive future. Gatto argues that before schools existed, children would naturally learn to read and write on their own and from their parents. Some have criticized elementary school as being a type of glorified daycare.