Who Invented the Moon?

The Moon

The moon as been around a long time, probably 4.5 billion years. To understand where the moon came from you have to understand outer space. There is a lot of crap out there. There is so much crap that sometimes it hits a planet. It is inevitable. So when some crap the size of Mars hit the Earth, it created a giant cloud of dust. As the dust continued to orbit Earth over time it solidified into what we call the Moon. Now that sounds like a lot of crap but seriously, it’s true.

Who Invented the Moon?

List of people who did not invent the moon:

  1. Joe Biden
  2. Michael Bay*
  3. Darth Vader
  4. That guy you met at rainbow festival.
  5. God**

*Sadly, Michael Bay did not invent the moon, although he did volunteer to turn The Moon into a summer action thriller co-starring Megan Fox. The plot was to have round, planet-like rocks fighting for humanity. They would hide in the shadows but then transform or mutate when people are in need.

**no such thing

List of people who invented the moon:

Is the Moon a Death Star?

No. Unfortunately, the moon is not a Death Star.

What Does the Moon Actually Do?

Much like the French in World War 2, the moon does not actually do much of anything. It’s just kind of there.

However, unlike the French in World War 2, the moon does have a significant, useful impact on events on planet Earth.

For example, the moon is responsible for the tides coming in and out in a predictable way. The moon does not actively cause this to happen, much as the French did not really contribute to defeating the Germans, even though the allies used their beaches to get a foothold on the continent.

Is the Moon Male or Female?

Neither. The moon is a fucking rock in fucking space.