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Who Invented Chicken Noodle Soup?

A soup for all people and all cultures is the concoction of boiled chicken, salt, water and carbs. We call this delicious yet simple meal chicken noodle soup. But who invented chicken noodle soup? Why chicken, and why soup? Most questionable of all, why noodles?

Domesticating chickens and boiling water literally goes back to the stone age. You could say the time period was around 1700 BC, but the idea of boiling your food so you can eat it easily and safely was never a foreign concept. Shove a dead chicken into that boiling pot and you now have chicken soup.

But Like, What’s a Pasta

Pasta is a different story. Boiling dough was another obvious invention that dates back to at least the first century AD. But the way we think of pasta now dates more closely to to the 13th century in Italy. Or Ancient China, I guess, or whatever the fuck.

Pasta is simply water and flour. Remember though that refined flour is a rather new invention and so the pasta of the past was probably much more dense and chewy, like you.

Now that you know the answers behind who invented chicken noodle soup, just how do you make the darn stuff?

Grandma’s recipe calls for a half pound of cooked chicken breast, four cans of broth, and a bunch of other shit like egg noodles, carrots, celery, and other colorful shit that doesn’t really change the taste.

But here is the granddaddy of recipes. Go to the grocery story and buy a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Add some water to that bad boy, heat it on a stove top and BAM! You have soup. It’ll taste just as good as your own homemade version (or better because you suck at cooking) with a fraction of the work involved. And we all know how lazy you are. Let’s be honest: you were never going to spend the time to cut up a single carrot, let alone strangle a wild chicken and pluck the feathers.

Baller Chicken Noodle Soup Recipes for Pro Bros

Now that you know the secrets to who invented chicken noodle soup, you should leave a comment below with your own tips and tricks. I mean there’s honestly no rules. You could throw in a potato, your leftover McDouble, that weird white sauce they give you with Dominos pizza, etc. Personally I like to add some Sour Patch Kids because I find it fun to watch them dissolve and imagine they are real people drowning. Plus the sugar gives the soup an interesting sweet and sour taste combination.

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