Dailysack.com is an online magazine, the topics of which are mainly horror movies (mostly Netflix), The Dark Tower series by Stephen King (very niche, I know, but it’s such an amazing series), and lowbrow joke articles, usually about history, which no one ever really reads.

Every once in a while I’ll type up an audiobook review or something else that piques my interest.

How did Dailysack.com Start?

Dailysack.com started off as a satirical site, making fun of historical and current events. Those articles still exist in the backwater of the site. But they didn’t generate much traffic, so I let them fall to the background.

Anyway, slowly, my site began to grow in many ways. For example, the articles became increasingly readable.

I have been writing more horror content lately.

As I live in Tokyo, I’ve also been “updating” a travel blog. Said blog will probably get a few updates per year.

Travel blog has migrated to Dailysack.com/travel

Thank you for visiting!

About the Writer(s)


34m, facilitator of raised eyebrows, long walks on the beach, metal music, bad boy with a soft side.

Dailysack is my baby. I do almost everything here.

I’m a cat person, but my favorite breed of dog is pit bull, for their rubbery faces, sunny mood, and cuddly disposition.


Mystery buddy who helps out from time to time. He runs his own nerdy website called Orgamesmic.

Cat for your daily sack