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Bicycling in Japan: A Story in Photos

Bike Japan

I’ve been cycling in Japan ever since I bought a foldable bike in Asakusa, Tokyo. I got it at a refurbished bike shop for 7,000 yen. That might be because my foldable bike doesn’t fold. The hinge is rusted shut.

See that white coil? That’s the suspension. What that means is it’s a glorified butt bouncer.

Just kidding suspension is amazing.

Ask this hip Tokyo cat:

Japan Cat Bike

Hello, I’m a beautiful Japan Cat.

I like bikes, potted plants, and mischief.

Why do you need seven Whinny the Poohs?

Bicycling in japan

Cycling is common in Tokyo. Most of the locals seem to use street bikes like these, but I prefer thicker tires ~

Tokyo curbs can be mega bumpy!

Also, why do you need 7 Whinny the Poohs.

Breaking the Law

Biking in Japan

In Tokyo, you can’t just leave your bike anywhere on the street.

But as you can see, some people don’t care about laws and stupid stuff like that.

Fun fact: Tokyo cops go around slapping citations on illegally parked bikes.

orange bike Goku Statue Japan

Here’s my bike outside of Bandai HQ in Kuramae, Tokyo.

Never mind my pile of plastic hobo bags.

Goku statue Japan
Me n Goku are best buds

Now how about some sweet, sweet video footage?

Below is a video I shot riding around Tokyo. I’m going from Asakusa to Monzennakacho, basically along the Sumida river.

I also wrote the sweet, sweet music track. Enjoy.

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