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November Thoughts & Pictures

Buddha Photo Ops

Statues of the Buddha: sacred religion, photo ops for tourists, or both?

Luckily, these little Buddhas in Chiba stand out from the crowd. They honestly look like disaster survivors at the end of a movie walking away from a pile of bodies or something but then right before the credits roll the zombies come out and get them and then you’re like “damn, I thought Siddhartha and Gautama were going to get away, why did the director need to play with my emotions like that.”

Little Buddhas in Chiba, Japan

Jail Buddha

Then there’s this little fella who stares through the rusty fence like he’s doing hard time for robbing a liquor store, and he’s smug about it, and he smiles at you because he knows it’s a scary smile and you’ll give him your fruit cup when he asks you for it in the cafeteria:

“Gimmee your fruit cup” – Gautama

Wanna Hear a Joke?

Wanna hear a joke?

What do you get when your boss asks you to teach the online class but then 20 minutes into class the computer she gave you shuts down and starts displaying Japanese only language, so then you boot up another PC but it just has a blue screen with Japanese characters and no keyboard response so you boot up a Mac but you don’t know how to use Macs and you think it might be updating because it’s taking forever, so you go to ask your boss for guidance and she ignores you, so then you look for a fourth computer but by the time you find one it’s being used by another teacher, so you have to wait another 2 minutes until he finishes his lesson report?

Give up?

Btw I still don’t know what this means

You go home and then get reprimanded after the weekend for having interrupted the online class last week because the computer that shut down on you was “brand new.”

Nude Capsule Toy

Capsule Toy, aka Gachapan

This is actually a cool find. My friend in New York has a nude figure just like it. It’s meant for figure drawing. I was really excited to see it here – no sarcasm – so suddenly, out of the blue, all the way across planet Earth!

Sweet Potato? Or Ice Cream?

In autumn, Japan goes coo-coo over sweet potatoes. But what I’m holding in this picture isn’t a sweet potato at all – it’s ice cream that’s been made to look like a sweet potato!

The kombinis have lots of weird, cool ice cream.

And finally, last but not least, on the left you can see what it looks like when you are on a crowded subway and you realize how many people are all around you and they are all avoiding eye contact with each other so you want to avoid making eye contact too, at any cost, so you look at the floor and that is when you notice the interesting texture and color that has been down there all along, bright blood red, reflecting the lights. And then you are like “wow I do not need to look people in the eye because this floor is marvelous, and city dwelling is totally natural” with no sarcasm.

This has been November Thoughts & Pictures.

Thanks for reading.

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