Flynexia Global Academy: A Teacher’s Review

I am a teacher who worked at Flynexia Global Academy for about a year. Should you enroll your child there? Here is my review of the English conversation school located in Southeast Tokyo, Japan.

What is Flynexia? (フライネクシア)

Flynexia Global Academy is a Japanese afterschool program for children. It is marketed as an “eikaiwa” (conversation school)/STEM hybrid. In theory, this makes for a rare opportunity for children to learn a diverse array of subjects including English, computer programming, chemistry, and math. In practice, the school is a mess, but that doesn’t stop the CEO from opening new schools. 

The History of this Eikaiwa

Having founded Flynexia as a place to babysit children while their parents were busy after work, the founder and CEO of Flynexia realized that her clients wanted their children to learn English, so she adapted her business model accordingly. Luckily, as we shall see, it doesn’t matter that both childhood education and language learning are outside the CEO’s range of concern and expertise.

Why Flynexia is Successful

The secret to Flynexia’s success is the CEO’s headstrong determination. She will stop at nothing to succeed. For one thing, her lack of English language skills did not stop her from opening an English language school. Furthermore, the fact that the school lacks a reliable model of assessment did not stop the CEO from arbitrarily reporting student progress to parents, nor did it stop her from leveling students whimsically up and down. But most impressive of all was how she screamed at the children during my tenure as a teacher at Flynexia, dragging them by the wrist into isolation for misbehaving while inciting her team of polo-wearing language instructors to fall in line and act accordingly. 

Yes indeed, the CEO is strong of will, and her tenacity has paid off: as of this writing, Flynexia Global Academy has expanded to 3 schools. All of Flynexia’s success is due to the CEO’s undergraduate degree in interior decorating, whimsical pedagogy, and violently aggressive disciplinary strategies. 

Even better, the kids are really cute,  which keeps Flynexia’s teachers plugging away long after they have stopped being happy.

Flynexia Review

Overall, if you are a parent, please enroll your student in Flynexia Global Academy, because it’s better than nothing. And if you are a teacher, I strongly recommend working at Flynexia because it’s not like there are a million other teaching opportunities or work visas available to almost any foreigner with a pulse in the Land of the Rising Sun. 

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